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Monday, April 27, 2015

Self Love Comes Within - Kit by WLI

**All will take you to categories located at my sites Chunkealthy Life , Calm Mind Open Heart, Love & Lust 13:4-7 (which you should check out because they have TONS of other awesome self love topics)

Exploring self & body meditation @ Calm Mind Open Heart
Skin/Mouth/Hair Care @ Calm Mind Open Heart
ASMR for self love @ Calm Mind Open Heart
Positive talk/Self Love @ Calm Mind Open Heart
Entire body love @ Love Lust 13:4-7
Mental State/ Mad Pride@ Love Lust 13:4-7/ Calm Mind Open Heart
Love & Lust 13:4-7 Stop sexual, mental, emotional bullying

The "beauty" industry @ Love & Lust 13:4-7
The "diet" industry/Diet Culture @ Chunkealthy Life
Stop feeling guilty about binge eating @ Chunkealthy Life
Can you be fat and healthy?/ Fat fitness (from fat -and some thin- people).#AllSizeFitness
Fat is just as sexy... @ Chunkealthy Life
Acceptance/Discrimination @ chunkealthy Life


Chunkealthy Life

Sex & Food are awesome and not shameful;here's why - resource list by WLI