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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fat/sex shaming survival kit : I eat my emotions. Why you shouldn't feel shame.

So what? People have been doing this for thousands of years. Many times, it's why we have sex. In fact, many biologists feel it is why woman have a clitoris.
This "kit" theme is a bit different. I see people shamed all the time for having sex because they are emotional. I see people shamed all the time for eating because they are emotional.

How sex is therapeutic. / Why do we have sex
How food (eating, cooking/baking) is therapeutic / Why do we eat

Sex & Food are awesome and not shameful;here's why - resource list by WLI

Eating and sex are natural and beautiful. If you don't want to use sex  or food as a tool for your emotions, fine but we shouldn't shame people who do. If you feel guilty after eating or having sex you need to fix THAT. It is because of society that you feel shame for finding pleasure in something that is pleasurable. Food and sex are not evil, or bad. They release endorphin in the brain and create a euphoric feeling in people; it is society's fault people feel depressed after eating too much or for having sex to feel better (whether that is with someone casual or serious). How long have sex and eating been around. It seems society is trying to shame us horrible for the TWO things that are so natural. Not only are they natural, but they bring life and sustain life for all living beings. Who the heck is anyone to say what is acceptable or not?

By the way...don't eat or have sex, but here take a pharmaceutical drug that is known to have numerous negative health effects to suppress your emotions.

With all this said ALWAYS be "safe" I like to compare these two things together. So, eat healthy (I love sweet foods like cupcakes when I get upset -check out healthier sweet alternatives @ Chunkealthy Life)
Always use a condom and practice safe sex.