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Friday, June 5, 2015

Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads and a Guide to Healthy Eating for the Rest of Us by Matt Fitzgerald

Only posting due to the whole "anti diet" thing going on throughout the book. Dislike the fact he puts down veganism. I guess Albert Fish could say the same thing since we don't like eating other human beings. Veganism is not a fad diet. It is knowing that WE humans are animals and killing another living creature for our selves is very selfish and morally wrong and by the way, veganism has been proven to be the healthiest diet. Everything about  veganism and meat eating is wrong. Veganism is about acknowleding killing is wrong. If saying veganism is a "fad diet" that is like a cannibal telling us because we do not eat people that our "non- people eating diet" is a fad and it has been proven many times
I honestly didn't want to post this, but it makes good points about other diets like the "fruitarian diet," andother diets that tell you that healthy foods are bad  (oils are not bad for you)

Now, the "low fat vegan" or the "fruitarian diet,"   or "stop eating ALL sugar oil nuts" and my favorite "I'm vegan but faux meats are BAD and NO vegan should eat them" bullshniz I can agree with being a "fad diet cult" but not veganism itself. it is not a cult and not all the people who follow it are crazy. But I can see where they get that idea. It only has a name because "I don't eat meat or dairy because I hate killing other living beings and it should be the way of life" is just long and takes too much time.However,number 4 omg number 4 is the reason why I pull my hair out at night "oranges are totes bad for you because they are orange and I tripped over an orange lego today."
If you think trying to stop torture and unnecessary killing is a "fad diet" you are a psycho crazy person. And yes, "vegans" can eat cupcakes, cheese, and "meat" just like meat eaters. We do not think meat is "fattening" nor do many vegans give a shniz about "calories." This person's claims about veganism is lat out wrong and meat and dairy are the causes of many diseases (diets that are directed to help with heart disease,endometrisosis and numerous others state to "eat meat in small amounts).again only posting because their are shniz fad diets out there. Veganism gets a bad name because people think we only eat kale and carrot dogs.
"not eating people is such a fad diet"
See how that works? Veganism should not be on here. Also see my comments on an article he wrote.He makes great points about other diets, but veganism isn't a "diet" it is animal rights and see all creatures as equal
Now, refined sugars are bad but not ALL sugars and sweeteners are bad and people lump them together so I agree with him there. Gluten isn't bad.People take a serious illness and use it as a diet tool? Seriously?  people who actually have it say it is hell and here comes the gluten-free trend just slapping it in their face because they farted  after eating food.

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