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Friday, June 5, 2015

5 Signs That Your Diet Is A ‘Diet Cult’ By Matt Fitzgerald

Everything about  veganism and meat eating is wrong. Veganism is about acknowleding killing is wrong. If saying veganism is a "fad diet" that is like a cannibal telling us because we do not eat people that our "non- people eating diet" is a fad and it has been proven many times
I honestly didn't want to post this, but it makes good points about other diets like the "fruitarian diet," andother diets that tell you that healthy foods are bad  (oils are not bad for you)
I am completely anti "diet culture" so i would be against veganism if i thought it supported that.
Now, the "low fat vegan" or the "fruitarian diet,"   or "stop eating ALL sugar oil nuts" and my favorite "I'm vegan but faux meats are BAD and NO vegan should eat them" bullshniz I can agree with being a "fad diet cult" but not veganism itself. it is not a cult and not all the people who follow it are crazy. But I can see where they get that idea. It only has a name because "I don't eat meat or dairy because I hate killing other living beings and it should be the way of life" is just long and takes too much time.However,number 4 omg number 4 is the reason why I pull my hair out at night "oranges are totes bad for you because they are orange and I tripped over an orange lego today."
If you think trying to stop torture and unnecessary killing is a "fad diet" you are a psycho crazy person. And yes, "vegans" can eat cupcakes, cheese, and "meat" just like meat eaters. We do not think meat is "fattening" nor do many vegans give a shniz about "calories." This person's claims about veganism is lat out wrong and meat and dairy are the causes of many diseases (diets that are directed to help with heart disease,endometrisosis and numerous others state to "eat meat in small amounts).again only posting because their are shniz fad diets out there. Veganism gets a bad name because people think we only eat kale and carrot dogs.
"not eating people is such a fad diet"
See how that works? Veganism should not be on here.

1. It Has A Name (note:veganism is excluded. It shouldn't even have a name, it should be the "norm")
2. Its Advocates Claim It Is The “Best” Diet
3. Its Followers Are Emotionally Attached To It (note: the killing of something that can't defend itself? yeah you bet we are passionate. Veganism isn't about a "diet" its about animal rights. Now, the fruitarian "high carb" or "raw food vegan" shniz I can agree with. That is annoying and I don't want to eat your raw food so don't push it on me and tell me cooking food is dangerous.Yes, those diets are a choice do you think the animals you are killing have a "choice" they want to live. Bananas don't care, a cow and a baby pig want to live just like you and i want to live.They have a right to live just like we do)
4. It Demonizes Particular Foods And/Or Nutrients (note:vegans do not do this. The view of veganism most people have is NOT veganism. Like i said, cannibals could say the same thing about "non-cannibals". Not wanting an innocent being to not be slaughtered and tortured is NOT a "fad" )
5. It Uses Fear To Recruit New Converts (note: it's been proven fish and animal fats are bad.Not just by PETA but American Heart Association,etc. they tell people to eat as less meat as possible."Vegans" want to show others how horrific it is to harm other animals, and yes we do use fear tactics because it is scary because KILLING A LIVING ANIMAL who can feel and love just like we can IS SCARY AND WRONG!!!! But with all these "self-rightous" vegans it is no wonder people think we only eat tofu and kale. Maybe if he knew what vegans REALLY eat he wouldn't lump us in with the other "fads")
An Alternative To Brainwashing
There are 10 basic categories of food. Listed in descending order of overall quality, they are: vegetables; fruit; nuts, seeds, and healthy oils; high-quality meat and seafood; whole grains; dairy; refined grains; low-quality meat and seafood; sweets; and fried foods
Note:try to stay away from meat and dairy and refined grains.

See explanations @ Triathlon