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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat by Alan Levinovitz

Not all sugar is bad. Refined sugar is bad. Table sugar is bad. Butter IS bad is contributes to fatty liver and heart disease use Coconut oil instead. Table salt IS bad use other more natural salts such as pink salt or sea salt, veganism isn't a fad diet or a cult due to it being about animal rights and PROOF that eating lots of meat and dairy is bad and no, raw food vegan isn't what veganism is about. Gluten can be bad but those people HATE being gluten intolerant and don't use it as a tool for weight loss. They are SICK and in hell they didn't just wake up one day and decide to not eat certain things. People who claim to be gluten intolerant most likely are not really and are just doing it to lose weight.
"An incendiary work of science journalism debunking the myths that dominate the American diet and showing readers how to stop feeling guilty and start loving their food again—sure to ignite controversy over our obsession with what it means to eat right.


Gluten. Salt. Sugar. Fat. These are the villains of the American diet—or so a host of doctors and nutritionists would have you believe. But the science is far from settled and we are racing to eliminate wheat and corn syrup from our diets because we’ve been lied to. The truth is that almost all of us can put the buns back on our burgers and be just fine.

Remember when butter was the enemy? Now it’s good for you. You may have lived through times when the Atkins Diet was good, then bad, then good again; you may have wondered why all your friends cut down on salt or went Paleo; and you might even be thinking about cutting out wheat products from your own diet.

For readers suffering from dietary whiplash, The Gluten Lie is the answer. Scientists and physicians know shockingly little about proper nutrition that they didn’t know a thousand years ago, even though Americans spend billions of dollars and countless hours obsessing over “eating right.”

In this groundbreaking work, Alan Levinovitz takes on bestselling physicians and dietitians, exposing the myths behind how we come to believe which foods are good and which are bad—and pointing the way to a truly healthful life, free from anxiety about what we eat."

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