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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Twin Flame Forecast April 18th-23rd: “Love As Medicine” @ Twin Flame 11 11

"“It struck me deeply how early on in life most of us are faced with the ‘ugly’ or ‘unloving’ side of interactions between human beings, especially between the sexes, without fully understanding”
Ascension becomes so much smoother and lighter when we take responsibility for our part of this co-creation by clearing our energy of negativity and unconscious beliefs and fear patterns like this.

Think Back: Ever Notice How Amazing Love and Sex Triggers Running?

Twin Flame sex is one of the most profound sites of healing – a place of energetic alchemy and healing of wounds. When Twin Flames have sex and their climax connects them back to the source of consciousness, a flood of light rushes through their energy system – Kundalini rising. This can be an incredible, life-altering experience. Pleasure and love that’s beyond what any “normal” people get to experience."

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