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Monday, March 28, 2016

Play Science Kombat!

"Science Kombat is a game you haven’t heard of yet, but only because it’s still in development with the folks at Superinteressante Magazine in Brazil. Pitched as a tribute to classic fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat, this game offers a different kind of battle: one for scientific progress. And as you might guess, the characters are the greatest and most famous scientists in history.

The scientists will each have six basic attacks and two special attacks, and the idea will be for players to make a link between their ‘powers’ and their discoveries or inventions in the fields of chemistry, mathematics, physics and medicine. After the brainiacs endure a slew of tough battles, a showdown against ‘Divinity’ – the final boss – will occur at the end. The powers of each scientist represent their major theories, which you can see below in 16-bit GIFs designed by illustrator Diego Sanches."
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