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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Who is Sarah Morehead?

Once a deeply conservative and evangelical Southern Baptist, Sarah now spreads a message of empowerment and education.

From fundamentalist to feminist, as the Executive Director for the nonprofit organization "Recovering From Religion" she is responsible for developing practical resources that address the unique needs of closeted nonbelievers.

In 2013 she became the president of the secular convention "Apostacon", hosting notable scientist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, and by 2014 she was honored with the American Atheists “Atheist of the Year” award for her tireless activism. In January 2015 she was elected President of the Reason Rally Coalition, and is responsible for Reason Rally 2016 - a secular celebration of tens of thousands of nonreligious Americans on the Washington Mall in DC.

A mother of many, she speaks nationwide on the many practical and emotional challenges women face by leaving fundamentalism, even in mainstream America. In her free time, she volunteers as as a patient escort and "positive presence protester" at women's health clinics, and she delights in exploring the world alongside her partner and children."

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