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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kitten hanging from Xmas tree. Watch out for lights,kittens may hang themselves on them. Warning from Chloe Critchley

"Today was a sad day, after spending the morning out with a friend, I got home to find our little 15 week old kitten had died. Simba (being the mischievous little ginger nugget he was) had climbed the Christmas tree and managed to hang himself from the Christmas lights. I'm posting this on here for people to share and warn their friends and family NOT to leave their pets alone with the Christmas tree and decorations. We only put our tree up last night, and today we wanted to bring it back down again. It's a sight we will never be able to erase from our memories. PLEASE share, so this doesn't happen to anyone else. May you rest with all the wiggling toes, fluffy mice and lazers where ever you are, Simba"