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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Goddesses @ Goddesses of Sacred Sex

"The goddesses come to us from every culture and from every period of history and with them they bring their stories and their myths and these have always served to explain how the world came into being through creation stories and then they describe the personality traits of the players within that world.  Whether it was the story of the young heroine, or the evil stepmother, or the wise queen, we saw the various patterns that came to represent a personality type and that aspects of those personality types or ‘archetypes’ could also be found reflected within ourselves....

When we look at the Goddesses of Sacred Sex we find those representations of femininity that utilise sexuality as a main aspect of their archetype.  The following four that I have chosen – Aphrodite, Inanna, Magdalene and Lillith – are not only all sexual goddesses, but they access aspects of the sacred within their archetypal stories.  In healing post patriarchal and Christian suppression of women and their sexuality, I turn to a world that existed before both, and call the sleeping goddesses of the past into the present to once again tell their stories and share their myths.  It is in these archetypes that have always existed, that women can once again find a way to heal their sexuality, whether that be through exploring the shadow or remembering lifetimes when they mediated as sacred sexual priestesses.Whilst these goddess’ stories are immense, it is my hope that these short versions will inspire you to seek them out and invite them back into your own life where as you unravel their myths, they help you to heal your own."

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