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Monday, August 3, 2015

Farting In Front Of Your Boyfriend Is The Key To A Great Relationship by Alexia LaFata @ Elite Daily

"Besides being funny and natural, farts are vital to the success of any relationship. The first time you fart in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend is akin to your first great bang session, your first “I love you,” and your first child.

There’s nothing that says “You’re the one” quite like leaning to one side, squishing your face up a little bit and releasing a flow of dank hot air. I’m serious.

Farts show you’re comfortable.
Farts show playfulness.
Farts create inside jokes.
Farts show you have nothing to hide.
Farts are sexy.
I get it. You’re currently telling me that I’m insane. But hear me out for a second. What’s sexier than embracing everything – yes, even his farts — about your partner? Think about how you feel when you see your boyfriend after the gym, when his skin is glistening and when he smells like body odor and salt.Isn’t that rawness so hot because of how naturally human it is, not in spite of it?Think about how you feel when your girlfriend wears no makeup and you still think she looks beautiful."

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