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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"When I was a kid...'oh she's so cute,' my mother would say,'she's also really smart'....." - Kerry Washington/ Beauty Redefined's post about telling little girls they are smart and pretty

Posted entire article on this post because facebook may delete it

"Little girls and teens who are primarily valued for how cute and pretty they are grow up to be women who struggle with their body image because they learn to evaluate themselves based on others' validation regarding their looks. That's why some of the women you think are the most ideal-looking are often the ones who feel the worst about their bodies. It's a losing game because our "ideals" are perpetually out of reach and our self-perceptions are usually distorted. Looks-based validation isn't always dependable no matter how stunning you are since our appearances change with age, babies, relationships, health and just LIVING. We have got to learn to value others and ourselves for so much more than our beauty. Yes, teach little girls to see beauty in themselves and others, but teach them that their beauty is not their currency. Their value and their power can't depend on their ever-changing outsides and our culture's ever-changing ideals! How about their talents, character, personality traits, etc.? We love how actress Kerry Washington's mom would switch the focus to Kerry's intelligence. It's harder than going straight for the surface stuff, but well worth it. Try it! "