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Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Time Tripping Basics - Precautions and Suggestions for Beginners from Blue Light

"Considering your psychedelic (the holy bible of erowid, flame away you know tremble at its feet)
1. If you are truly new to drugs and know nothing about psychedelics, please visit erowid, as it is really just an amazing resource no matter how dated it gets.

--Acid -

--Mushrooms -

2. Acid vs. Mushrooms bluelight debate -

3. Before trying any hallucinogens, the psychedelic crisis guide is a must read for you and everyone you will be with. This thing is a lifesaver just scan over it.

4. Smoked DMT has a special section at the bottom because it's pretty different than traditional psychedelics. This does not apply to the harmaline (sp?) mixture or ayacusa that can be consumed orally.

Things to Consider Before Dosing:

1. Clear your day and know your drugs duration
Please don't think you can trip acid while your parents go out to dinner. You also can't go to work or school while intoxicated. Please take into account how long each substance lasts. For mushrooms/acid I'd honestly say to put aside a whole day, same for 2c's although durations vary. DMT, the lone exception, really doesn't last too long but you'll be weird for several hours.

2. Look up all medications you are taking before you take anything!
This is important as psychedelics interact with a lot of anti depressants. I'm not going to list them because I fear I'd leave one out so really just look up every single medication you take before hand. It's pretty easy and should be done. These threads will get you started:

--Antidepressant and Recreational Drug FAQ -

--Big and Dandy Medication/Supplement Interaction Thread -"

TONS more resources and explanations @ Blue Light

READ IT!!!! PLEASE. Don't think you are better than any other "tripper" out there.
if that link expires for any reason, get the cached version!