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Thursday, April 30, 2015

9 Ways We Can Improve Body Image for Men Too by Lexi Herrick from Huffington Post


1. Don't make negative comments about a man's appearance and assume he doesn't care.
2. Stop talking about genital size.
3. Forget the idea that certain men are just "too skinny."
4. Stop assuming all men who are overweight are so by choice or sheer negligence.
and they shouldn't NEED to lose weight
5. Don't ignore the comments men make about the way they view themselves.
6. Realize that fawning over "perfect" looking people can also have a grave effect.
7. Recognize this reality as a man interacting with other men.
8. Understand that businesses target the insecurities of men to make money, just as they do women.
9. Reinforce positive male body image as women, just as men should for women.

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