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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Fix for Cellulite, Stress Damage, More Muscle Tone and Lose Skin! by Terry Givens @ Reset Your Body

"- Cellulite is a very hard condition to target and remove.
– Chemicals releases by stress (cortisol and norepinephrine etc) build up in the body over the years doing toxic harm.
– The thin layer of fat on top of your muscles covers up the precious muscle tone many athletes seek
Structure of Skin
How do you effectively target those conditions? Working out harder? Eating cleaner? Surgery. No.
Fasting/Cleansing is virtually the only way to eliminate these conditions!

1) After 36 hours of not eating your body switches to consuming internal body foods (endogenous). Cellular cleansing! This is what eats those fat layers and cellulite pockets and deep planted stress and other residual chemicals and toxins.
2) No amount of physical training will come near the body’s ability to clean itself at the cellular level like fasting. Eating ample foods and nutrients prevent the body from needing to switch to clean up mode so those conditions become nearly impossible to be addressed.
3) Training and eating clean now will NOT remove years and years of toxic build up. It’s like covering up rotten food with garnish and dressing to make it look pretty."

See all directions & explanations @ Reset YourBody