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Sunday, March 22, 2015

My rant about the Oragsm at the Gym Prank - by WLI

This actually kinda makes me mad even though it's a prank. Why? Because exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good. A lot of people get horny while exercising. It's actually easier and more common than a lot of people think to have an orgasm while/because of exercising and the fact she can't do her workouts without people in the comments and some of the people there in the gym with her thinking that she's there for them to jerk off to pisses me off. Mind your own dang business. Bravo to the guys that tried to not look (I can understand that it is natural to look and get um.. horny, but they respected her enough to try to focus on themselves). There is a difference between just getting um.. hard because of it because it's sometimes it's just a natural reaction and acting like a perverted ahole thinking she is there for you to jerk off about (like she is an object)

And the reverse is true as well. If a woman did this to a guy, that isn't okay either.