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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Less meat, more choices on hospital menus By Paul Sisson @ UT San Diego

"“In the next few months, you’ll see a couple of the items that we made here on our menus, at least for the cafeteria,” said chef Mark Atkins, executive chef for Kaiser Permanente San Diego.

Atkins said he was especially impressed by the tofu scrambled eggs, which tasted like the real thing but were much healthier.

“They add a little turmeric to give the yellow color, and peppers. I really thought they were very good,” he said.

Others seemed fond of a bananas foster with caramel sauce made with soy milk instead of cream.

Jim Metzger, director of hospitality services for Palomar Health — which runs Palomar and Pomerado hospitals — said he’s considering White’s tofu stir fry and shepherd’s pie recipes. Patients should be able to order them in about 90 days, he said."

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