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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ideas to get more fruits,veggies, grains, nuts, and seeds in throughout the day (especially if you are a "junk food vegan" by WLI

Try to use a cup of whatever fruit or veggies you decide to put on. If you are eating tacos, try to ensure the amount of veggies you put on equals at least a cup. If you use fruit syrups, try to use a cup of fruits or 3 servings that equal a cup and eat it throughout the day. No one is perfect, but try to get in as many fruits,veggies some nuts, some grains,and some seeds  as you can during the day. Mostly fruits and veggies though. Make 1 serving of something that has at least 2-3 fruits and something that has at least 2-3 servings of veggies and eat throughout the day.

Fruit syrups - blueberry, strawberry, dates -drizzle on waffles, pancakes, cakes, cupcakes,etc.

Canned Coconut milk - put on waffles, pancakes, cakes, cupcakes, etc.


Date caramel

Frosting - blend strawberries,blueberries, etc into a paste instead of juice and use as frosting instead of using extracts. (use vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract.

Put tons of veggies in tacos, on burgers, wrap sandwiches,

Put on side of plate - eat as is.

Put seeds in wraps, smoothies,a small amount on your burger, etc. Seeds are a bit easy to get into your body.

Use as food coloring (beets, carrots, spinach,etc)

Make or buy organic chips (kale, potato, sweet potato/yams,organic  corn,tortilla chips,quinoa chips -omg so good), chickpea chips,etc.

Make whole grain pasta - spelt noodles are amazing, rice noodles, etc. You can even make your own

Use organic whole grain (doesn’t need to be wheat) breads / tortillas for sandwiches,etc.

Make cashew cheese - you can make nacho cheese, sour cream,even parmesan etc. from cashews

Use walnuts, pine nuts, etc in stuff. Place on cake, salads,soups, cupcakes,especially on or in chocolate stuff, etc.

Use guacamole for dip, use other creative recipes for dips to use when eating chips. (make one serving , use like, one avocado and eat all of it.)

Put beans in tacos, burritos, bean burgers,

Use oats in stuff - cookies, cakes, etc.

Put veggies in salads - taco salad, “chicken” salad, etc. It doesn’t need to be just veggies.  Add some nuts as well.