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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Help out someone suffering BPD,Depression,etc :When you sense or see him or her tensing up or getting mad by WLI

1. Cuddle in short amounts when doing other tasks/chores.
You can not throw your life away for someone who has depression;however, you don't want to ignore them or make them feel horrible because they have depression. Go do some chores, do schoolwork, etc but cuddle with him or her for like 5 minutes then go back to doing what you need to do. Let him or her know you are still there.

2. Slip a note under the door, or make them a handmade card with cute messages written in it.
So he or she can look at it and this way you're not around him or her too much, but you're letting him or her know you are. This is also handy if the person wants to just be left alone..

3.Cook him or her some food
Healthy, of course, but don't complain about calories or any of that stuff when someone is depressed. Food is a great source of comfort. Hersey's chocolate may actually make someone more depressed while organic dark chocolate cookies can increase a happy mood.

Of course. Doesn't need to be perfect. Let him or her lie there while you do all the work.

5. Read to him or her
I stick with children's books as they have nothing that can cause a trigger

6. Sing
 Sing or hum to him or her.

7. Give him or her a hug. 
If they don't want one, hold his or her hand, or just simply rub his or her back. If they want to be left alone, let him or her know you are there when /if they need/want you.

8. Talk to them about neutral topics
About random -non triggering/neutral things like the weather, colors, or what movies are playing,etc.
Sometimes, trying to make him or her laugh or talking about happy positive things can make them feel worse.

9. Brush his or her neck with your lips, or fingertips

10. Play with his or her hair

11. Rub his or her back 
Softly, don't give them a massage as sometimes people just like to be left alone when sad or upset. But, gently rubbing a person's back can make him or her feel safe.

12. Rub his or her stomach
See the explanation for 11. However, rubbing someone's stomach is even better as it is comforting especially if you have been or have known the person a while. If you are just friends;however, it may be best to stick with rubbing his or her back (try it, everyone is different)

13. Give them "Eskimo kisses"

14.Kisses all over his or her face

15. Kisses all over his or her body

16. Hold his or her hand

17. Cuddle and put your arm around him or her.
Especially if you see he or she is very upset. If he or she is laying down, even better. Slide your arms around him and her and just cuddle for a minute or however long you feel like.