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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gold Fish Has Brain Surgery? - A Wave of Uplifting News by DogTube

"We see so many cases of owners who do not care for, neglect, or abuse their pets, that when we see a story of pure love, we often find it fishy. Well, that’s exactly what this story is: fishy! This is George. George is a regular goldfish, but he is very special. George has just undergone brain surgery! According to George’s owner, George is 10 years old, but recently, George developed a rather large tumor that grew from his brain, and began to hang from the top of his head. According to his owner, George was being seriously affected by the tumor. He wasn’t able to swim properly or get to his food. The owner had to decide between putting the fish to sleep, and paying for the $180.00 surgery. The owner decided he was too attached to George to let him go just yet. After three buckets of water, two with a mild anesthesia, and some cutting around, George made a full recovery, and is expected to live for another 20 years, if he continues to be as well-taken-care-of as he has been for the last 10 years.    "