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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Fat Nutritionist

Here is Michelle's biography and information about what she does.
"Hi. I’m Michelle, a fat lady with a nutrition degree.

I’m not a registered dietitian, though I do have a 4-year degree in dietetics. My formal title is “diet tech,” which is a lesser-known role that involves screening people for nutritional risk, referring people to RDs, and also providing nutrition education.That’s what I do – I educate people about healthy eating. What I don’t do, at present, is clinical work, meaning that I don’t prescribe special diets to help someone cure or manage a disease. When someone needs that kind of help, I refer them to a trusted RD.

Why “fat”?
Because, to be perfectly frank, I’m fat. And I’m telling you this up front because I don’t want you getting the wrong idea about me.

See, I’m not here to give you a stern talking-to about your weight, or your eating habits, or your lack of exercise. And I’m certainly not here to pretend that I’m perfect, that I know it all, and that you’d better do what I say or else.

Nope. Not even remotely.

But I can help you get to a friendly place with food and your body.

So, I call myself fat because not only am I fat, I’m also not especially bothered by it. Because the size of my body, and your body, is morally neutral. Fat doesn’t equal lazy or ugly or even, necessarily, unhealthy.It’s just a word.This all might seem a bit strange, since I’m bigger than most people, let alone most nutritionists — but I’m a pretty normal person. And a good nutritionist.Who is also fat."

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