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Sunday, June 8, 2014

How can you argue with health science that says obesity is the country's biggest killer?

"1.) Heart disease happens regardless of body size and while it is correlated with “obesity” it is not a directly caused by it. The fact that fat people are more likely to live in poverty, lack access to stigma free medical care and not have access to health behaviors in general has a huge impact on health. This is not directly caused by fatness but by social conditions directly caused by fat stigma.
2.) See #1 and remember that having a higher risk for disease does not imply that all fat people are diseased. What you really showed was how journalism has a HUGE problem with scientific illiteracy and continues to make the assumption that fat people being at higher risk for disease is a biological reality, when research just doesn’t support that. This is aside from the fact that the study all of these articles you linked to actually shows that people regardless of body size who do not perform health behaviors or are not metabolically healthy have a HIGHER risk factor than even the fat people who are metabolically healthy. There has also been quite a few different responses to that study, I’m currently writing one myself. You will also note that the editorial attached to that study was purely created to get media attention.
3.) We currently have a 65 billion dollar diet industry that is pushing fat stigma, which as I’ve outlined makes people sicker not healthier, and is telling people to lose weight when 50+ years of research hasn’t shown to be able to make people lose weight long term. Most weight loss trials are only 18 months long and while they show people can lose weight short term, long term is another story. You are also forgetting the fact that this 65 billion dollar figure doesn’t account for the research funding, bariatric surgery and other people who are looking to profit off “curing” fatness. 
4.) The funny thing about this whole calories in vs calories out argument is that it isn’t actually reflected in obesity literature, but aside from that if you believe in evolution then you should also believe that bodies have adapted to living in different conditions including ones where having more weight is natural not a sign of disease. Saying we “don’t trust doctors” ignores that doctors live in the same society that is based in fat hatred. They read reporting about fat people in the same way most people do and that is through the media that lacks scientific literacy, while also being more interested in making an article news worthy than reporting the truth. I’m always amazed that people are SO willing to believe the media lies until they talk about fat people and then believe everything they say is totally the truth. You may be interested in reading this. It gives a really good breakdown of how scientific reporting doesn’t actually focus on research findings.
Again in the end what this comes down to is we don’t know how to make fat people thin long term, but we do know having access to stigma free medical care and health behaviors, all products of living in a more equal society does indeed improve overall health for all people."

This is in reply to a visitor's question which he,or she posted:

"Let me tell you why that’s bullshit.
1) “Obesity” might not be the leading killer, but heart disease is. One of the major contributing factors to poor heart health is obesity. Put two and two together, chief.
2) “Healthy obesity” is a myth. Do. Your. Research.
3) The whole “follow the money” conspiracy theory you’ve built makes no fucking sense. Yes, the diet industry is massive. But y’know what’s bigger? McDonalds. By about eight billion dollars a year. And that’s just one company. If the goal here was profit, wouldn’t the government side with the obese, the clear winners?
4) Humans are not machines, so how could calories in vs. calories out really work for everyone? Let me explain it this way: the same science that doctors use to do stuff like cure diseases and repair broken bones and damaged organs and shit like that is used to determine that your obesity is probably due to the fact that you take in way too many calories that you don’t burn. Humans might not all be the exact same model of a machine, but we all do the same thing, and that knowledge allows the entire medical field to function. If our bodies really did work in radically different ways, all of our medical and scientific knowledge accumulated over centuries would be thrown out the window. Claiming that you don’t trust doctors (the people who study this shit for a living) who tell you that obesity is fucking bad for you and you need to change your diet is akin to saying that you don’t trust scientists with that whole “Evolution” thing. "

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*Side Note*Cnn nor wikipedia is a reliable source; however,Wiley Online Library is.