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Friday, June 6, 2014

No-poo/low-poo routines for various hair types

"To make life a little easier and to help more than 1 person at a time, i’ve come up with these cookie-cutter starter routines for those wanting a little more guidance. as i always say, it’s very different for everyone, AND it’s going to be very different a year down the road compared to when you started.

for example, here was my routine when i started:

day 1- wash hair with 1:9 ratio of organic liquid castile soap and water. then rinse with diluted acv. after washing, i wait till it’s a bit damp and run about a pump or argan oil through the ends of my hair, and what’s left over on my hands, i wipe on my hair (like grab it into a ponytail with my hands, and just wipe down…if that makes sense lol). let air dry.
days 2, 3, 4: use tiny bits of coconut oil or argan oil to tame fly aways and moisturize the ends of my hair. no washings!
day 5 or 6: do the coconut oil mask and let it sit alllll day (two hours is my minimum). wash hair with the diluted liquid castile soap a few times (to get all the coconut oil out).
days (6,) 7, 8, 9: argan oil & coconut oil for moisture & fly aways, but no washings!
day (9) 10: wash hair with the diluted soap, rinse with diluted acv and use the argan oil once my hair is damp again & let air dry.
days (10,) 11, 12, 13: use argan oil or coconut oil for fly aways and a little extra moisture. no washings!
day (13) 14: wash with the diluted soap and rinse with acv

aaaand here’s my routine now::

day 1 : wash with water only. air dry.
days 2-8 (no set days anymore): nothing… not even getting it wet.
starter routines for various hair types to help with starting no-'poo or low-'poo
so when i say it’s different for everyone, it REALLY is. it’s even different for a single person as time goes on. heck, i don’t even have the same routine that i started with almost 2 years ago or even had 6 months ago.

so here’s what i can advise as a routine, depending on your hair type:"

See Alex Raye's post for more to customize the no-poo method!