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Friday, June 6, 2014

Natural face moisturizers (with spf)

"as we all know, keeping your skin moisturized is of top-notch priority, but slathering it with chemicals to do so is not.

i’ve come up with this small list to help you keep your facial skin in tip-top shape, and also to help protect it from over-exposure to the sun. all of these ingredients can be used in more than one way (woohoo!), so please don’t feel like you’re shelling out money for only one thing....
natural facial moisturizers (with spf)
these are non-comedogenic oils. you can use them as a base before you put on makeup, or mix them with up to 10% zinc oxide for better broad spectrum protection, and to make it more of a liquidy cream than straight oil. you can also add green tea extract to provide some antioxidant action. just remember that a little goes a long way with these oils! & if they’re an essential oil, they will need to be diluted with a carrier oil!

  • red raspbery seed oil (spf 30 to 50)
  • carrot seed oil (spf 30)
  • wheat germ oil (spf 20)
  • hazelnut oil (rumored spf 15; widely used in natural sunscreens)
  • soybean oil (spf 10)
  • olive oil (spf 7)
  • macadamia nut oil (spf 6)
  • castor oil (spf 6)
  • almond oil (spf 5)
  • jojoba oil (spf 4)
  • unrefined avocado oil (spf 4 to 15)"

See Alex Raye's complete list at her blog