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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Misandry in Psychology by A Voice For Men

This sort of bias is not new to social science research.  In the early 20th century social science researchers claimed blacks were the perpetrators and creators of social pathology.  (see Death of White Sociology)  There was something wrong with blacks and because they were “the problem” they were not seen as “worthy” victims.  Numerous studies were done that “proved” blacks inferiority and this influenced the media and the general public reinforcing the prevailing stereotypes. Since blacks were seen as the problem it was a simple step to suspend any inclination to provide them with services.  Why offer compassion and assistance for a group that so obviously simply needed to change their ways? In today’s world it seems that men have replaced blacks as the group that are blamed for social problems and then not expected to be deserving of services not unlike the way Blacks were portrayed in years prior....

We will see this negative framing of men and boys in all three of the studies we will be examining.  Each of the three studies portrays men or boys as the source of the problem.  They go on to simply omit any opportunity for men to be in need of, or recipients of, services.  The third inventory actually takes a more aggressive approach and labels men as “normally” violent, seeking power over women and a couple of other doozies. A few years ago Paul Elam did a related article on the similarity between social science research on black people and now on men....
It’s important to see the ways these studies try to influence the public and promote their own ideological biases. Each of these studies was done by researchers who appeared to have strong ideas about men and women and their research conveniently harmonized with their pre-conceived notions. With “science” holding so much power and ability to sway opinions it is critical that we watch carefully how the social sciences use their studies to proliferate their own ideological viewpoints.
The spreading of misinformation has a very negative effect on the population at large but there is no place in more danger of this than in the halls of congress. Our legislators are easily influenced by studies such as those described herein and the likelihood of laws being written based on one sided viewpoints becomes alarmingly high. To make matters even worse our legislators are largely unaware of their own unconscious chivalry and combine that with hysterical research that claims damsels in distress need funding and what you see is billions of taxpayers dollars being spent in a very questionable manner.

Combine these studies with the media, and then the blogs and you get a system that is fed by erroneous data that accepts it as fact and acts on it. One needs to only notice the fact that great majority of people in the US are convinced that women are the sole victims of domestic violence to understand the power of the media and particularly the media in combination with “studies” that are used more for propaganda than for gaining an understanding of the truth.  The next section will explain exactly how feminist researchers told only half the story about domestic violence and in doing so have left the majority of people in the U.S. believing only women are victims of domestic violence."

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