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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Small Penis Acceptance Resources @ LoveSmallPenis

"First and foremost, the purpose of this blog is to stress the importance of accepting your small penis.  It’s important to love your small penis and embrace it!   Once you have that level of acceptance, you may be open to a whole new world of sexual possibilities.  I often refer to those “taboo” subjects listed above as “advanced small penis” possibilities.  I say “advanced,” because in my own personal journey there was no way that I would have ever considered any of them to be exciting prior to my own small penis acceptance.  But, once that happened, I was no longer encumbered by fears and torment that I experienced previously, and found myself willing to explore my own sexuality in a way that was impossible beforehand.  It has been enlightening and uplifting for both my wife and me, and our relationship has improved significantly as a result.

For first-time visitors or those of you who may be struggling with your small penis acceptance, we thought it might be valuable to provide you with a list of previous “small penis acceptance” articles in chronological order so that they would be easier for you to find.   The corresponding comments from our viewers will also be quite helpful for you in understanding the importance of self-acceptance.  We will also include this list in the Articles and Resources section of the Blog as well, so that they will be easier to find going forward.  Hopefully, these articles will provide you with some valuable insight on the importance of accepting your small penis."

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