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Saturday, May 31, 2014

25 Great Reasons For Having a Small Penis

"Many companies and individuals promoting "penis enlargement" products use the "Fear Factor" to get men to purchase their products; sighting the negative aspects of having a small penis and that your life will be over if you can't enlarge it. There are many wonderful aspects of having a small penis.
Expert Author Georg Von Neumann
1) Increased Faithfulness
 2) Increased Success In His Endeavors
3) Increased Spiritualism
4) Physical Compensation
5) Development of Humbleness -
6) Acceptance of Oneself
7) Accomplishment Factor Potential
8) Compensation of Self
9) Decreased Arrogance
10) Sexual-Ability Compensation
11) Financial Compensation
12) Sexual Pain Factor
13) Increased Respect for Women
14) Increased Success in Long-Term Relationships
15) Specialness Factor - Who wants to be "average" in size? Yes, it's great to be big, but it's great to be small, too. It makes you unique and special. Most everybody is average; I say it's great to be different.
16) Decreased Selfishness
17) Decreased Narcissism
18) Realization of Not Being Perfect
19) Increased Appreciation for Life and Living
20) Decreased Superficiality
21) Decreased STD's
22) Decrease in Penile Cancer
23) Chooses Partners More Carefully
24) Modesty Factor
25) Decreased Insolence

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