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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Learning Patterns and Writing @ Choices Portal

"The Let Me Learn Process posits that the interface through which the stimuli pass consists of filters which sift the stimuli as they pass from the brain to the mind. The result of this sifting action yields functions hereafter referred to as Patterns of operation or Patterns. These Patterns are labeled Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence based upon a factor analysis of their discrete operations.

While these Patterns are universal across race, gender, and ethnicity, their make-up and use is very person-specific (Johnston & Dainton, 2005).  Let Me Learn refers to this oxymoron as our “universal, person-specific patterns.” The point that this emphasizes is that all learners use all four Pattern filters but to varying degrees. The degree to which we use each of these filters is measured by how each Pattern facilitates or limits the stimuli’s entry into the mind. For example, a wide-open Pattern filter allows large amounts of specific stimuli to pass into the mind’s translation and storage mechanism. However, a tightly closed Pattern filter may reject stimuli, seeking to avoid having to cope with it.

Research indicates that most of us do not use all Patterns with equal comfort and naturalness (Johnston, 1994).We may use one or more of them to the maximum amount, one or more of them as needed--and we may do our best to avoid one or more of them. The LML Process refers to these levels of use as: Use First, Use As Needed, and Avoid. Whatever the degree to which these Patterns operate within each of us, the bottom line is the Patterns work as an internal team of processeswhen we engage in learning."
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