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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The True Titanic Love Story / Ida and Isidor Straus faced the end heroically @ SFGate

"Anyone familiar with the "Titanic" saga -- in any of its many incarnations -- is familiar with the story of Isidor and Ida Straus. In an incident that has become legend, Ida Straus put her foot into a lifeboat and then stepped back, deciding to share her husband's fate. They both went down with the ship.
In the musical "Titanic," the Strauses have the big second- act number, "Still," in which Isidor sings to Ida of their lifelong love affair. In the James Cameron blockbuster movie, the Strauses are shown in their cabin, holding each other as the water rushes in.
These are the trappings of fiction, so memorable in their way that they can almost make one forget these were real people. One way to remember that fact is to encounter one of their real-live descendants . . . such as Brett Gladstone, the Strauses' 42-year-old great-great-grandson.
Gladstone, a real estate development lawyer with his own downtown San Francisco firm, will be in the audience at the Orpheum on opening night with members of his family. "They sent 50 tickets to family members," Gladstone says. "I saw the show in New York, and I have to say that when I watched the duet of my grandparents, I was just in tears."
He apparently was not the only one. The story of the Strauses has captured the imagination of people for 88 years. First there's Ida's heroism. Then there's the fact that she's willing to die with Isidor -- that speaks well of him, too. The image of their dignity in the face of chaos and doom is awe-inspiring.
"Personally, I've always fantasized about a relationship that lasts forever, and it's touching to see that such a thing can really happen," Gladstone says. "I'm a bit of a romantic, and the idea of a longtime, very close friendship with a romantic partner is an ideal I respect and aspire to. I don't think that makes me unique. Many members of the public feel that way.""

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