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Monday, March 28, 2016

Greater Evil : The political bullshit game

"he game is designed by Jacob Bofferding (writer) and Shawn Roberts (illustrator).

Bofferding is a Chicago-based writer who has never done anything this good before, except for co-writing “THE GREATEST GAME TRAILER OF ALL TIME” and campaign for STRAFE©. He’s a political nerd who has only skipped watching two Presidential debates out 85 since 2007. But the details are often hazy due to extreme alcohol intake.

Roberts is a globe-trotting artist and freelance illustrator and designer. He makes side income as a gallery artist, with his work appearing at art shows in Chicago, New York City, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh. His favorite show was titled “CONSUME,” and its theme explored the evils of overconsumption.

They both hope you over consume GREATER EVIL."

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