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Sunday, December 20, 2015

12 Reasons To Have Sex Every Day By Trisha Bartle @ All Day

1.Sex Reduces Stress
2.It Lowers The Risk Of Prostate Cancer
3.It'll Make Your Heart Healthier
4.You'll Sleep Better
5.It's Great Exercise
6.You'll Fend Off Colds

7.You'll Be Happier
8.The More You Have, The Better It Gets.According to WebMD, the more you have sex, the better that sex will feel. Your libido will shoot through the roof. For women, regular sex improves elasticity and lubrication production. After a few weeks of nightly sex, you'll be having the best time.
9.It Lowers Blood Pressure
10.You'll Look Younger
11.It Improves Bladder Control For Women
12.You'll Live Longer
See explanations @ AllDay