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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Check out Appetite For Seduction

"My journey all began in my grandmother’s Southern California kitchen where she entrusted me with all the secret family recipes. Cooking beside my happily-married grandparents, I learned the subtleties of the recipes…and it was there that I first discovered the connection between love and food.

After graduating from UC Boulder, I was further inspired by my travels in Europe, where I studied French in Montpellier, France – the motherland of seduction. After my studies, I lived in Italy, the country of temptation, for many years – learning the language and taking in the culinary landscape. Here, I solidified my flair for the exquisite relationship between food and love.

While in Italy, I was a contestant on La Prova del Cuoco, a popular nationally-broadcasted Italian cooking show and co-hosted a segment for Italy’s Gambero Rosso channel. I have also been featured on the Food Network’s, The Secret Life of Garlic, and host my own video podcast series Appetite for Seduction.

Based in sexy New York City, I throw dinner party cooking classes, host events, and teach Appetite for Seduction classes across the nation, including Sur La Table, The Learning Annex, Kiki de Montparnasse, and the Museum of Sex."

Check out Appetite For Seduction