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Sunday, November 8, 2015

8 Things You Will Never Understand About Sex, No Matter How Many Times You Do It by Bibi Deitz @Bustle

1. Orgasm And Ejaculation Are Two Distinct Processes
2. Some Women Can "Think" Themselves Off
3. Part Of The Brain Actually Shuts Down At Orgasm
4. Some Women Love Squirting Orgasms, and Some Hate Them
5. You Can "Milk" The Prostate To Orgasm
6. Pain During Sex Can Be Pleasurable - "To be clear,'this should not to be confused with painful sex, which may be caused by a serious health problem or require work with a trained sex therapist," they say.'At best, it is a sign of very bad technique and insufficient lube. If you’re having painful sex, see a doctor.'"
7. Women’s Sex Sounds Don’t Necessarily Coincide With Their Pleasure
8. Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms

See explanations @ Bustle