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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

“Tereska Draws Her Home” by David Seymour, 1948 @ Aphelis

"Tereska, a small girl at a special school for war-handicapped children recently constructed in Warsaw, Poland, was asked to draw her house and family. She produced this representation of her confused mind ― wavering chicken-track lines crisscrossing each other. What is it that she sees when the teachers say “draw a house”? Is it the memory of terror and the fact or ruins? Are not chicken-track lines of this little child’s drawing but the reflection of an uprooted life, the mirror of disorder and chaos which the war has strewn over Europe"

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  1. A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of “home” while living in a residence for disturbed children, 1948 @ Rare historical photos