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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Breast Cancer Linked to Cattle Virus (confirmed) @ Wellness

A new study of 239 breast tissue biopsies report a 3.1 times higher presence of a common cattle virus (BLV) in the cancerous vs. noncancerous tissues.

The CDC (centers for disease control) states that this extremely common cattle virus, ‘Bovine Leukemia Virus’ (BLV) is prevalent in “38% of beef herds, 84% of all dairy herds, and 100% of large-scale dairy operation herds worldwide.” See full CDC report.

Up until the recent study cited above, even though BLV was found in dairy milk, BLV was considered harmless to humans. As a result, the cattle and dairy industry have not been concerned enough to limit our exposure to it.

The study, which was recently done on biopsies of breast tissue from 239 women, revealed startling results. The tissues were tested for the DNA of bovine (cow) leukemia (BLV DNA). Of the 239 tissue samples, it was discovered that in biopsies from cancer free tissue, BLV was found in 29% of the samples, and in tissue with diagnosed breast cancer the incidence of the presence of BLV was 59%!

Also, UC Berkeley researchers published a recent report that supports the findings and states that “the odds of having breast cancer if BLV were present was 3.1 times greater than if BLV was absent.” We found this to be alarming news and will be paying very close attention to the developing story."

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