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Sunday, August 30, 2015

THE VENUS CYCLE, MORNING STAR – AUGUST 2015 – JUNE 2016 "When mars - drive, action,energy meets Venus - peace,love,harmony magic happens."

"t her Morning star rise around Aug 19th at 20° Leo , Venus is still moving quite slowly but gains in light each morning as her crescent grows. It may seem as though life has all of a sudden shifted  at this part of her cycle, her coming out, as a few things come to light, but may not be ready to work with quite yet. There is an eagerness of Aries in the phase yet still being in adjustment and retrograde, it’s afresh young Venus, anticipating the journey ahead. It’s as though she has the fire from the underworld, but may not be quite sure what to do with it yet. Her renewed energy has just been birthed and from now begins to unfurl.

This year just before turning direct Venus encounters Mars again for their 2nd meet up this year at 14° Leo on September 1st. Mars adds the extra kick to help get things started and get a move on. Remember Mars and Venus together are not just about love and hot sex, but about devotion and passion and remind us as they come together in Leo again, that this next journey needs only to be inspired by  passion and devotion. What is that to you? Where can you see your life in June next year as Venus again approaches the Sun?

Her next phase, is then moving direct again on Sept 6th at 14°  Leo , when her confidence  and strength begins to  grow again, life begins to move ahead in proposed directions albeit slowly still, as Venus takes a while to speed up again. Take your time, don’t rush things, similar to the archetypal Aries the impulse to move on quickly may make you overlook a few important things. Stay with the impulse and get ready to channel it in the right direction,"

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