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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My thoughts on "Carrot hot dogs," "cauliflower bbq wingz," "banana ice cream" and other "low calorie veggiefruit substitutes for WLI

if you want a carrot hot dog,cool, but don't try to say it is a great low cal. version of a hot dog. Even vegans love their hot dogs (seitan dogs taste almost like the real thing.Field Roast anyone?) Carrot dogs are yummy as "carrot dogs" but suck azz as "low calorie hot dog"
If my lover told me we were having hot dogs and BBQ wings for din-din I would be expecting some field roast and some gardein chicken wings. Homemade seitan dogs and chicken AT LEAST taste like what they are trying to mimic.
I honestly would be MAD if I got home to that shniz sitting on the table. Do not get me wrong they are yummy in their own way AS cauliflower wings and carrot dogs, but stop using them AS a "low calorie" version of something that you don't need a "low calorie" version of. Just eat a f*ing hot dog (vegan-friendly of course). If you are THAT obsessed with calories and weight gain that is not good and you need to get help for an eating disorder. Love yourself and eat the f*ing Gardein wingz. Eat the whole f*ing bag without giving a fudge about calories or if you will look "fat" the next day.