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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Masculine-Feminine Energy And Duality by Stephen Cocconi

"Of all the dualities associated with the physical plane none is more contentious or profound than that of sexual dimorphism: maleness and femaleness. Gender is the manifestation of a larger universal principle of TAO; the primary dichotomy of forces of Yin (Feminine, Divergent, Diffuse, Power, Love) and Yang (Masculine, Active, Convergent, Focus, Power) embodied. The two constructs of gender energy and sexual anatomy are different but of course intimately and intricately entwined. The 4 Gender Variations are: Masculine Male, Feminine Male, Masculine Female and Feminine Female. Yet, at the Essence level the Yin-Yang balance is not an either/or dichotomy, as is the case when a sexual gender is taken in a body, but rather a percentage blend of each force. These qualities thus augment the Soul and eventually the inner nature the Personality for which it inhabits. As such a measure of Masculine–Feminine energy is expressed in a ratio (e.g. 35%-65%, 82-18%, 42%-58%, etc.) The first term is the percentage of Masculine and the second the percentage of Feminine. This will be referred to as the Masculine–Feminine Energy Ratio or MFER."