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Sunday, August 30, 2015

APP - Guided Meditations 1 Meditation Society of Australia

"This is 4 beautiful and easy to listen to guided meditations for anywhere.
1. The Cliff - is a journey from sunrise to sunset that takes in all the beauty of our spiritual sojourn.
2. Perfection in a Grain of Sand - is about us being present and centred. Meditation is very simply all about presence and focus. We get to one thought and now and everything else just happens.
3. Spiritual Strength - a wonderful meditation that realises all spiritual strength comes from multiple entry points to the flow of love.
4. Free your Mind - takes its cues from Mindfulness Meditation techniques. You'll love this.
This app will try and install on an external SD card, if not it will install internally. It is quite large because of the audio content.."

Check it out & download @ GooglePlay