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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

your friendly little guide on how to masturbate @ 5sos smut

  • "obviously, we are all different. we don’t all look like this and thats okay. we come in all different shapes and sizes. its good to be different :)
  • oh wow fun fact, most of the pleasure you experience through sex is not via your sexual organs, its all in your nervous system, your brain and how you perceive things
  • okay where were we? so hopefully you’ve read smut or you’ve been looking at naughty pictures so you must be a little wet. its alright to go check. that’s right. run a finger along your entrance (aka vagina opening). take one hand and spread your inner labia/inner lips to get better access. it might not feel good doing this but we are just checking to see what’s going on down under
  • you should probably also keep some tissues nearby..
  • okay now if you keep running your hand up your slit towards the front of your body, you’ll run into a little snag. right where the lips start, there will be a little hard ball (idk how to describe it).
  • if you touch it, it might be really sensitive, its filled with a bunch of nerve endings so it might hurt a little. sometimes people like to keep their underwear on because this area is extremely sensitive to touch.
  • usually there is a little ‘hood’ of skin covering this bud but i think we can start calling this a clit now? okay the clit. try pressing down on this and see how that feels.
  • you can rub it in circles or figure eights or draw little shapes on it. try spelling the alphabet while placing pressure on your clit"

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