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Monday, July 27, 2015

Curvy and Loving it by Trisha Paytas

"Learn how to live full-figured and fabulous with Trisha Paytas’s uplifting new book, Curvy and Loving It. With her signature straightforward style, Paytas inspires young girls, preteens, and teenagers to embrace their plus-sized bodies and enter the world with confidence. In a world where the media, and women themselves, seem to hang the value of a female’s self-worth on the size of her waist, Paytas provides a refreshing alternative to the incessant body bashing. Focusing on the need to love yourself first, she offers easy-to-follow tips on how to get to a place of total self-confidence. Once that happens, it becomes easier than ever to get others to love and accept you as well. Through her own inspirational journey from an insecure Los Angeles teen to a successful plus-size model with the curves to prove it, Paytas gives hope to a whole new generation of readers that they, too, can find peace and prosperity just the way they are. Discover the rules that the author lives by in order to maintain her confidence and self-esteem no matter what life throws her way. These include everything from religiously based inspirations to superficial pep talks meant for no one’s ears but your own. With useful advice on every page, Curvy and Loving It is the perfect guide where teens can read, highlight, and revisit their favorite passages again and again whenever they’re feeling down. Besides learning to treat themselves with the love and respect that they deserve, readers will also consequently learn how to treat others with the kind of acceptance and positivity that makes the world a better place. Like a friendly big sister who has seen and been through it all, Paytas teaches young girls to embrace their flaws and all the love, pain, humor, and strength that goes with them. The last section of the book even features frequently asked questions from the author’s fan base, providing even more insight into one of pop culture’s most surprising celebrities. So rest assured that you are not alone in this great big world. The incredible stories and no-nonsense advice in Curvy and Loving It provide a desperately needed platform in this modern age that shows once and for all that sexiness comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Trisha Paytas works as a plus-size model and actress, having gained a large online following through her YouTube channel. The author of The History of My Insanity and The Stripper Diaries, Paytas hopes that the message in her new book encourages young women to live fabulously at any size."

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