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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Check out/listen to the Adore Your Body Summitt by Erica Mathers

"The Adore Your Body Telesummit is about fostering body image positivity through sharing stories about body image struggle, and techniques for changing the way we think about our bodies. Each contributor will reveal their top 3 best practices for staying in an affectionate relationship with the body. That's 33 unique tips!"

See speakers @ Erica Mather's website

More Info..
  1. @The Militant Baker
  2. Folder @Mediafire -  audio, but sign up for her mailing list and her class because they are free and it helps support her!!
  3. Yoga challenge from Erica @Mediafire 

People who participated:

Elena Brower
Melissa A. Fabello
Dianne Bondy
Jes Baker
Amy Bloom
Virgie Tovar
Emily Nolan
Isabel Foxen Duke
Alanna Kaivalya
Jamie Greenwood
HeatherAsh Amara