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Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Advice: Help! He Disappears, Doesn’t Call, Pops Up Every Fortnight and Gives Me a Magical Time. Is He Unavailable? Er…YEAH" My response.. this isn't true.

Not claiming she has HPD or any of the women in the comments do.

This is the article 

A lot of women do this. They NEED attention all the time. Some people just do not feel like talking on the phone or emailing all the time.Plus, they may have a different "love language" than you do.

These people may need letters,notes,emails and phone calls (words of affirmation) and time together (quality time) while their man shows his love through gifts, touch and doing work around the house (acts of service). Take the test together and see if you can figure something out. Maybe he could show you more love through letters instead of doing things around the house (acts of service) and maybe you could notice the little things he does around the house (acts of service) and do things for him as well to sow your love. People love and show it differently. People need the touch and quality time together which is why the time together is so "magical" but for him, it's not his way of showing a person he loves them.