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Monday, May 25, 2015

Do the 30 day walking challenge from Reset Your Body

"Why am I doing this?

Because the average Australian walks 9,695 steps daily. The average Swiss person walks 9,650 steps daily. About 5 miles
How far does the average American walk? 5,117 steps…350 yards in a day…That’s less than 4 football fields! :(

How boring is walking??!! I know, I know. But crazy as it sounds, we human beings are totally designed to walk. If you think about it, a normal person (normal fitness and no injuries) can pretty much walk forever. Give them some comfortable shoes (or barefoot if walking on grass), find a way to feed them on the go, and what’s stopping them other than sleep?"


1 Walk/run/crawl 30-45 minutes each day (That’s 10,000 steps)

2 Do it 5 days a week

3 That’s 25 miles a week and 100 miles in a month! (THAT’S 200,000 steps!)

4 Buy a pedometer from Target for $10 or download a free pedometer app to your smartphone (I use Pacer)

5 Get a group of you to do it together!
See entire article & ways to walk @ Reset Challenge