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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Check out EQI (Emotional IQ resources and tips)

"About this site

The founder of the site, Steve Hein, was born and raised in the USA but has been traveling around the world since 1997. As of Feb 2015 he is living in Uruguay. He uses his personal experiences to give the site its unique perspective.

The site acknowledges the pain and problems in the world, but offers a new direction. It offers encouragement and emotional support. It let's those who feel pain, frutration, and confusion know they are are not crazy for feeling the way they do.

A special focus of this site is to provide emotional support to young people who are depressed and are thinking of ending their lives. For over 15 years Steve has volunteered his time to listen to and correspond with depressed, self-harming, suicidal teens and much of his world view is based on what he has learned from them. Steve understands how depressed people feel because he also gets depressed and has considered ending his own life on several occasions. Here is a list of some things that undepress him. Steve believes we need to change society to make it less painful for intelligent, sensitive people.

EQI is helping create a vision of a world which is more livable for children and sensitive people.

EQI is also for parents, teachers, educators, psychologists, therapists, attorneys, social workers and school counselors. It is for anyone who wants practical knowledge and resources to help others develop their emotional intelligence and emotional skills."

Check out EQI - resources,tips,advice for emotional IQ for yourself and others.