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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

11 Things Happy Couples Don't Do By Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin @ YourTango

"Happiness in a relationship takes much more than luck. It takes a conscious daily effort to put healthy relationship habits into practice. Sounds simple, but that alone is very important marriage counseling advice.

If we had to make some generalizations about habits we see happier couples using, it would be the following 11 things:

1. They don't complain about their relationship to their friends or family.
2. They don't compare themselves to others.
3. They don't play the victim.
4. They don't take themselves too seriously.
5. They don't criticize.
6. They don't ignore their finances.
7. They don't try to read minds.
8. They don't overshare.
9. They don't obsess over their roles.
10. They don't nag each other.
11. They don't pay attention to Hollywood's portrayal of marriage.

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