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Monday, April 13, 2015

Oils Safe for Cooking and Frying – Smoke Points for Oils, Shortenings, Butters, and Fats@ Nourishing Treasures

Soybean oils are iffy, don't ever used refined oils, butter is bad for you and not vegan,lard is bad for you and not vegan, and tallow is just nasty Update: Cottonseed oil is not the best for health.

"One of the biggest mistakes I made when beginning my journey to health was cooking with olive oil. The next mistake I made, once I had transitioned to cooking with coconut oil, was using coconut oil for the occasional frying that I do.

While olive oil is super for salads, and coconut oil is preferred for cooking, there are better fats for frying – those with higher smoke points. I now use palm shortening when I fry foods: read my review for palm shortening here.

What is a smoke point?

A smoke point is the point at which an oil or fat (shortening, butter) gives off smoke. Smoking is an indicator the fats have turned rancid."

See Nourishing Treasures'list of oils and their smoke points.