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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mother Cow Hides Newborn Baby To Protect Her From Farmer article from The Dodo

"A former dairy cow was so saddened by memories of her previous babies being taken away by a farmer that she hid her newborn calf to keep her from being taken, too.

Clarabelle was rescued from a dairy farm in late November by the Australian farm sanctuary Edgar's Mission. She was hours away from slaughter at the farm, where her milk production was too low to bother keeping her alive. When Clarabelle arrived at the rescue, volunteers discovered she was pregnant..."

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"Renowned animal behaviourist and cattle expert, Dr. Temple Grandin, is credited with saying that the fear memories of cattle can never be deleted. This fact was borne out by the kindly dairy farm worker (from where Clarabelle came) who told us that the cows remembered which vehicle came and took their baby away shortly after birth. On subsequent occasions when farm vehicles would drive past they would behave no different, no different that is until the one vehicle that took their baby would return"

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  1. Video showing how she hid her calf