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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dismiss the Myths: Vaginal Tightness and Looseness by Ashleigh Atwell @ InHue Magazine

"Myth: Promiscuity causes a woman’s vagina to become loose.

Reality: A woman’s sex partner can affect her vaginal elasticity, but multiple partners cannot make a woman’s vagina become permanently loose. According to Psychology Today’s Michael Castleman, vaginal tissue is very elastic. The vaginal does expand and contract for sex, but it does not remain expanded. The number of sexual partners a woman hasdoesn’t permanently alter the elasticity of the vagina...

The only occurrence that can permanently alter a woman’s vaginal elasticity is childbirth. But even after a birth, a woman can regain her permanent elasticity, especially mothers in their late teens and early twenties. According to Castleman, women that have multiple births are the most likely to experience vaginal looseness and women of advanced age might experience a loss of elasticity."

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