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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Check out Over Grow the System

"Stories hold the ability to validate and perpetuate certain ways of understanding and navigating the world, while negating others. Our present social and cultural reality is undeniably shaped by narratives that are dictated by corporate media and other structures of domination. These narratives are set up to undermine both our personal and collective power and our embeddedness within a sacred web of life while glorifying commodity, celebrity and disposable culture. The impact of these stories on our world can not be underestimated, from large-scale agricultural and environmental practices to our personal dynamics with community, food, medicine and spirit.

However, many of us have awoken to the realization that we are empowered to over grow these systems. People around the world have begun to critically examine these narratives that shape our reality because we recognize that they have the power either to infuse meaning and sustenance into our world or eliminate it. From here, we decide which narratives no longer serve, and which ones we feel compelled to carry forward.

It is these stories that Over Grow the System has set out tell through video, photography and the written word."

Check out Over Grow the System

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